lauantai 4. heinäkuuta 2015

No regrets Ξ One Direction

Okay. I was in London, Brussels and Oslo.
Because we were joking last October in Dublin, that we should go and see One Direction on their next tour.
And then we went. Whaaaaaaat? 

So many people has been assuming that we're huuuuge Directioners and breath some magical One Direction -air and that's not the thing. It's been hard to make people understand; we love  travelling and it's way more fun to have something to do in a new city, something that you know you enjoy, no matter what. For example; our trip to Oslo was horrible and awfully deplorable, but One Direction's show was so good that it was worth it. It made us smile out loud.

These weren't my first shows of theirs, as I went to WWA-tour in Stockholm last year. I didn't even know their songs then, but my sister is a huge fan and all I wanted to do was to make sure she sees them. I know what it feels like for not being able to see your favorite foreigner band.
So, there we were and I fell in love. Not with the boys but the way they performed, how kittenish they are and I actually started to like their music too.

So, long story short, few months went by and then they released Fireproof for free downloading. At the time I had just moved to England and the timing was perfect; the song was everything I needed. It made me love life just a little bit more, which I didn't know was possible.
Probably needless to say, their 4th album, 'Four', is their best so far (I have really high expectations of their next album. Can't. Wait.) and then we bought tickest to Brussels and Oslo. Just because we could.  

I was a bit afraid what it's gonna be without Zayn. What if they haven't be able to pull it all together and the show will be scrappy? What if they are lost on the stage without one of them?
That wasn't the case, that wasn't the case at all. They were, don't you dare to kill me now, maybe even better than before. Like all of this had brought them more together. They were more entire than  they were in Stockholm last year.  Maybe that's why we're thinking of going to see them in Ireland this october.
They sang only 5 songs in Summertime Ball, but it felt like they were on stage forever. Liam was head standing on the middle of the stage in Brussels. Niall had had chest infection and still he gave everything he got in Oslo. Harry's stage charisma is monumental and there's something in Louis  that makes you happy, no matter what (it might be the smile of his).

I want to say few thing about this Zayn-situation, as it's been just a little over 100 days since he left the band. I don't think they are telling us the whole story, but that shouldn't matter. What matters is that the band is still doing their best. They are still there, caring about their fans and living their dreams, making new music to us. One way or another. You shouldn't be mad at them or Zayn. It's life and you can't stop it happening. You have to deal with it, even if it was the hardest decision you've ever made or if it means letting someone go. It's not like Zayn has committed a mortal sin, he's doing what makes him happy. That's all that should matter, so stop hating, negative energy makes you tired. Give your support towards all of them like you did when there still was five of them in the band.

I don't know what the point of this post was, I was going to tell you how great their concerts were, but obviously I didn't have words to describe those. I'm not a directioner, but I really enjoy all of this.
k bye xx

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